We are manufacturers of a wide range of masks from Vietnam.

With differing mandates throughout the world to wear or not wear to slow the Covid-19, it is good to know our high quality Vietnam supplier is manufacturing these masks in a country whose virus numbers barely register on the daily counts (see cdc.gov and worldmeters.info). Our customers want to be wearing masks manufactured from a country who have slowed and almost stopped the spread. Our two major product categories are:

  1. Disposable Nonwoven Masks
  2. Reusable Nano Silver Masks

The first option offers customers an inexpensive alternative to protecting you and others from airborne aerosols.  The second is a reusable product which allows the wearer to insert additional carbon filters for more protection. 

We are price competitive with other OEM’s and will match or beat any verified prices.  With no intermediary proxy agency, the price points being offered are the lowest in the industry.


These are not just your regular masks, but high quality 4-layered Vietnamese made products which will protect you and your loved ones!  For further information, please go to “Our General Merchandise” section or send  e mail to “take@toysoneusa.com!

Thank You